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Ask any mariner. Back in the day it really was impossible to expect for the delivery of urgently required replacement marine parts to be delivered within a week even. Fortunately, the delivery system, whether on the East Coast or the West Coast, or whether being ordered right on the other side of the ocean-filled globe, can realistically be expected to be completed within that period of time, give or take a few days. As a mariner, you should know that it all hinges on what type of service delivery is required at the time.

replacement marine parts

Let’s take one solid example as a means of demonstrating how this could work. There’s a shipping company out in Taiwan, of all the places in the world. It’s operating just a small shipping yard and it’s handling a smallish fishing fleet that goes no further than manageable and allowed. It could be a chartering company. It could even be a commercial freighting company navigating the entire circumference of this contentiously autonomous island-state.

For reasons that will not be explained here, it might not be possible for this small company to depend on a source-supply route that begins off the coast of mainland China. So, what does it do instead? Does it go to Japan, which is just around the corner? Could be, that’s feasible enough surely. But no, because the replacement marine parts warehouse is reliable and has a global reputation to back this up, the sourced company is on the North American continent no less.

The speed at which parts can be delivered within a scheduled and promised timeframe is thanks to two things. One; the internet. And two; the shipping industry, of all the things in the world. A week from now, but within reason.