How to deal with a Tick Infestation 

Nobody wants a tick infestation. Apart from being inconvenient, they are dangerous. A tick bite can cause lots of diseases and itchiness.

Occasionally, they are impossible to avoid. Maybe it’s because of your pet or the weather; if you have an infestation, it’s important to know how to deal with it appropriately.

Dealing with a tick infestation

Tick infestations indoors are pretty uncommon, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen. Read on to find out what you can do for residential tick control allegheny county.

Treat your pets

While it’s not always the pet who is carrying the ticks, they’re definitely a carrier. Ticks are just as drawn to a pet as they are to the dark, moist parts of a human. If you suspect your pet of having ticks, make sure to get them the right medication.

Apart from treating your pet, you’re going to need to either change out their bedding or clean it thoroughly. Ticks can hide in bedding and reinfect your pet.

One tick is one too many

Even if you see a single tick in your house or on your pet, deal with it. There is a chance that the ticks have already reproduced or are coming from a larger infestation.

Start off by washing your clothes and bedding in hot water and leaving them to dry either in the run or in hot temperatures. Make sure to purchase some insecticide and use it liberally along the cracks in windows, doors, along with furniture, drapes, and your pets.

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The treatment will have to be repeated a few times to really clear out the ticks, but an early start is always helpful.

Maintaining the Yard

Yard maintenance is a large part of ridding your home of fleas. Treating the inside of your house in isolation is only going to leave you open to more infestations. The key is to clean your yard, cut your grass, and use a liberal amount of outdoor tick treatment. You’ll be killing off ticks and preventing reinfestation!

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