All About Hail in Colorado: What You Should Know

Colorado is the most hail-prone state in the United States! This means Denver residents must take extra precaution to protect themselves and property from the damage that the hail causes. June is the worst month for hail in the state, although April – September is a six-month period when hail storms are common.  The Great Plains area is especially devastated by hail storms.

Colorado isn’t a shy state and its hailstones prove that fact. Hailstones in Colorado are typically 1 – 2″ in diameter. However, some stones as large as 4.5″ in diameter have been spotted during severe storms.  A hailstone this large can penetrate roots in the ground so you understand the potential damage that it can cause to your property.  If you are outside when a hailstorm begins, take cover immediately!

Your car is the most vulnerable item during any of the Colorado hailstones. Even smaller hailstones cause damage to a car, but the larger hailstones can really do a lot of damage. Is there any way to protect your vehicle against hail? First, park your car in a garage or at minimum, a carport, to prevent damage from hailstones. Hail car covers are also available. Be sure to include hail damage on our auto insurance policy for future protection.

hail damage repair denver co

Whenever hail damage causes mishap to your vehicle, you can find professionals offering hail damage repair denver co. They’ll take care of any and all the damage the hailstones cause to the car. Costs of the hailstone repair service varies, dependent upon the type and severity of damage. Fast repair ensures you endure the fewest problems with your vehicle. Get estimates from three or four companies and compare rates, but do not wait to schedule hail damage repair.

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