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When you are experiencing problems with your brakes, it can be difficult to ascertain the cause of the issue. These problems can also cause anxiety, as drivers wonder whether they are safe while driving or not. Let’s explore three common problems that car owners may run into.

Soft Brake Pedal

A brake pedal that is soft should not be ignored. “Soft” is a term that refers to brake pedals that have little to no resistance or that feel squishy. If you notice soft brakes, take your vehicle in for repair to ensure that you are safe while behind the wheel. Soft brake pedals are often caused by leaks in your braking system.

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Pulling to one side or the other while driving is annoying and can be very dangerous. There are several reasons vehicles may pull to one side, the most common being a frozen caliper. Calipers can freeze over time without vehicle owners noticing and will need to be replaced so that they move freely.

Shaky Steering Wheel

The issue is common in various vehicle makes and models. Steering wheels that shake when applying the brakes are often caused by warped front rotors. The shaking is known as brake pulsation and can be fixed by either replacing or resurfacing rotors to get rid of any irregularities on the surface. Pad impressions or hot spots can also cause shaking when braking.

When visiting a technician, be sure to get a brake service quote before agreeing to any services. The quote allows you to budget accordingly and shop around, getting a better deal for brake service to your vehicle. If you experience a soft brake pedal, pulling to the left or right, or shaking in the steering wheel when braking, your car or truck may need immediate attention from an automobile expert.